Only Human by Sam Shendi

After exhibiting in the 2013 Bradford Open, Sam Shendi returns with an exhibition of his work which is bigger and bolder – look out for 3 new pieces in Lister Park, 2014 – 2016.

Shendi’s brightly coloured steel sculpture appeals to all ages with subject matter subtle enough to be enjoyed on mere aesthetics or for viewers to delve as deeply as they wish into ideas of subservience – work, family, peers, royalty, leaders.

Exhibited in the Cellar Gallery, the black and white marble floor provides a contrast that highlights the selected works – including realism, minimalism, mixed media, social commentary and the human condition.

Shendi is a sculptor who likes to draw – but to draw with his own strict sense of what he wants. His sketches will be on display – giving a sense of how this qualified Architectural Engineer thinks, designs and constructs.

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